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Live Band Streaming

Let Greg Martin "Smokehouse" LIVE stream your
music band playing LIVE on The Front Porch Show!

We can LIVE stream any type of music such as the following:

  • Blues music
  • Country music
  • Gospel music
  • Christian music
  • Soul music
  • Jazz music
  • Orchestra music
  • Bluegrass music
  • Rock N' Roll music
  • Classic Rock music
  • Southern Rock music
  • Instrumental music
  • and so much more!

We can also LIVE stream any show such as the following:

  • How to play guitar show
  • How to play music show
  • How to write music show
  • How to become a singer show
  • How to become a songwriter show
  • Country music show
  • Rock N Roll music show
  • Blues music show
  • Gospel music show
  • Christian program
  • How-to show
  • Education show
  • Entertainment show
  • Sports program
  • Dog show
  • Cooking show
  • How to eat healthy show
  • How to paint show
  • How to make crafts show
  • How to become a photographer show
  • How to start up an online business
  • How to become a work at home mom show
  • How to become a work at home dad show
  • How to become a Nashville TN music artist show
  • How to become a truck dispatcher show
  • How to become a cross country truck driver
  • and so much more!

How To Place Your Order
We accept cash, PayPal, and all major credit cards.
To place your order and to schedule a day and time for
us to stream your live music band, please contact us with
all of the details about when and where you will be playing.

Prices and Details
Live Radio Remote - $100.00 an hour 2hr minimum.
    For more details, please contact us.

We will be contacting you within approximately 24-48 hours
or less by phone or email to go over all of the details with you.

Thank you so much,
Greg Martin / Smokehouse
"Creating Musical Fusion"

Nashville TN Radio Host Greg Martin
Nashville TN AttractionsNashville TN Radio Host Greg Martin

About Nashville TN
Radiostation Radio Host
Greg Martin "Smokehouse"

Hi, my name is Greg Martin.
I am the radio show host who is the
mastermind at Smokehouse Studios.

I meticulously prepare each radio show
in advance to make sure that the show
sounds awesome for all of my listeners.

Thank you all for your support!
The Front Porch Show is dedicated
to all of my faithful listeners throughout
the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, and abroad.
I could not do it without you! God bless ya!

Thank you so much,
Greg Martin / Smokehouse
"Creating Musical Fusion"

Thank you for visiting Smokehouse Studios in Nashville, TN for all of your music studio recording needs.